Does Anything Good Come From NJ?

According to a great many folks the People's Republic of New Jersey does not have a wonderful reputation for much other than as a good place to be from. Besides yours truly, (and I beat flippers out of there a long time ago) it is hard to come up with many really good things associated with New Jersey.

However, in all fairness, New Jersey does grow really good tomatoes and corn in their season (Must be from all the political manure laying around.) Since everyone knows what corn and tomatoes are there is no need to expound upon them further. The other great thing related to NJ is the Iowa class battleship the New Jersey, BB-62. It is strange that a world-class gunnery platform like the New Jersey is named after such a corrupt socialist, anti-freedom, anti-gun / anti-Second Amendment state. Oh well....

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BB62 in the Panama Canal-10/99 (34k jpg)

The end of an era.
The USS New Jersey during its 3-day transit of the Panama Canal
 going through the Miaflores  locks. This is its final voyage before
being decommissioned and becoming a museum in New Jersey.
  Do you think they'll require trigger locks on those 16 inchers?
Photo by Tomas Van Houtryve, AP


Full 9-gun broadside.
Contrary to what it looks like all 3 barrels in a turret are not fired at the same instant.
 There is a very short delay between each barrel to prevent interference from muzzle blast.

For some information on the performance of the 16" 50 caliber naval canon click here.

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Updated 2011-09-28