States to Avoid
(Especially if you are a gun owner who his traveling)

For your protection and safety the following is a list of states known to be actively hostile to traveling gun owners, or to those cars bearing license plates from gun friendly states.  Even though the federal "Firearms Owner Protection Act" allows travel through any state as long as the firearm is unloaded, in a locked case, and not easily accessible to the passengers, they have a documented history of  harassing, arresting, and persecuting out of state gun owners who may be traveling through their state -- even if they don't have any firearms with them, but appear to be "shooting friendly" (bumper stickers, clothing, patches, etc.).

 Avoid traveling through or staying in them.

For AZ residents, the following states DO NOT recognize AZ carry permits.  The rest do, at least officially.

AZ accepts all other State's permits

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Updated 2016-10-31