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Among Fr. Frog's vast interests is the love of good, hearty food, drink, and cooking. While most folks think that a frog has simple tastes (You know, "A frog's happiness is being able to eat what bugs him.") Fr. Frog has developed deep interest in good, hearty, yet simple food--especially when shared with good friends in a casual and relaxed setting.

As an avid fan of things that happened in the past (way back when men were men, women were women, and the government kept its nose out of the peoples' business) the flippered Father has spent much time researching the great men and women (and amphibians) of the past. During one research project, while on an archeological dig, Fr. Frog discovered the long lost recipes of a person known as Fr. Cooky, an ancient Anglican monk who specialized in saving souls from the sins of lousy food and useless calories.

After deciphering many of the ancient writings (frequently referred to as "The Frog Pond Scrolls") Fr. Frog formed a company called Fr. Cooky Industries, Inc., to make these writings available to all men (and women) of good will (and appetites). If you would like a copy of these most excellent recipes, each of which includes a nifty humorous story about the origins of the dish, along with the story of Fr. Cooky's life, please send $8.00 in cash, check, or gold bullion to cover cost plus postage, for a copy on 8.5" x 11" plain white paper, or $10.00 for a copy on "genuine aged parchment," to:

Fr. Cooky Archives
c/o John Schaefer
1365 S. Saddleback Drive
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Make your checks payable to "John Schaefer." Overseas orders must be paid for in US Dollars in cash or via Western Union.  Please add an additional $3.00 to defray overseas postage.

Recipes are shipped "unbound" so you can put them in the binder of your choice.  If you would like to have the nicely spiral bound with a clear plastic cover please add $5 per copy to cover costs plus increased postage.

Your stomach will thank you. Millions of happy stomachs can't be wrong!

Currently the latest revision of the "manuscript" contains the following:

The Story of Father Cooky
Original Recipe Olde English Chili
The Guru's Sauce
The Archbishop's Holy Apple Pie
Baptist Berry Pie
Fr. Cooky's Cookie
Brother Otto's Very Serious Dark Bread
Death by Chocolate
Fr. Cooky's Incredible Oatmeal-Raisin-Apricot-Pecan Cookies
The Traveler's Heavenly Bread
Saint Anne's Divine Hot Chocolate Chocolate
Brother Charles's Oat Bread
The Father's Cat's Cookie
Das Stolen Stollen
Saint Meinrad Eucharistic Bread
The Cobbler's Cobbler
Mother Alice's Heavenly French Toast
The Kings Buttermilk Biscuits
The Original Meal in a Cauldron
Bishop Cran's Berry Cookies
The Warrior Healer's Fruit Soup
Hellfire Buffalo Wings
Pineapple Oops-side Down Cake
The Raven Clan's Chili
Fr. Frog’s Elk Chili (Prize winning!!!)
Fr. Cooky's Great Buns
St. Balvane’s Scones
The Old King's Cookie
Br. Popeye's Spinach Balls
Br. Chwaun's Worlds Best Orange Chicken

No warranties are expressed or implied for these recipes. However, since these recipes came from such a holy source, rumor has it that the food produced has been automatically blessed and may be consumed without fear of weight gain. Fr. Frog routinely makes and shares them with his friends and everyone is in good health.

If you'd like a copy of Fr. Frog's French Frog Bread recipes click here. (No accompanying story--just good bread.)

Those of you who also have a vested interest in good food are welcome to email your favorite recipes to Fr. Frog.  If you are interested in what my favorite foods are, click here.

Please email comments to Fr. Frog by clicking here. .

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Updated 2012-01-25