The Gunsite Code of Offenses

Those of you who went to classes at API or the "Orange" Gunsite may remember the Code of Offenses that Jeff drew up, the violation of which struck fear in the hearts of students.  Here, for your enjoyment is the list, along with some recent additions by the Gunsite Alumni Group.


101 Leaving the water running
102 Parking in the right of way


201 Brandishing
202 Dangling
203 Slide locked back
204 Violation of "Rule 3" in a photograph


301 Cigarette butts
302 Flying paper
303 Tracking mud on the carpet


401 Asking if "make ready" means "load"
402 Premature ear cover
403 Whimpering


501 Ostentatious ugliness
502 Egregious use of the English language


601 Conspicuous stupidity in a public place

Cleanliness (Addendum)

304 Failure to clean up your shooting area

Esthetics (Addendum)

502 Inappropriate foul language

Behavior (Addendum)

602 Asking to see someone's personal arm
603 Dropping the slide on an empty chamber or snapping a revolver shut
604 Snapping without permission
605 Asking if a person is armed
606 Asking if the a person has ever been in an armed confrontation
607 Extreme douchery in a public place (P
roceed to penalty 3rd offense)

API Email Group Offenses

701 Large attachments
702 Wanton bashing of a list member
703 Whining (See 403, proceed to penalty 3rd offense)
704 Conduct unbecoming a Raven
705 Forwarding a message to an outside group without permission
706 Failing to change subject line when content of message changes.
707 Failing to read Administrative notices


801 Overly tightening a 1911
802 Over lubricating
803 Turning a 1911 into a rooney gun
804 Using the name of John Moses Browning in vain.
805 Filthy gun

Caliber Offenses

901 Carrying as your primary handgun any caliber that does not contain the number "4" as its first digit.

Schooling Offenses

1001 Bragging about LFI (Potential for lifetime barring from the list)
1002 Anything relating to point shooting in a positive light
1003 Any mention of "the sound of a racking shotgun will scare off all intruders."
1004 Claiming to know some "secret" technique.


First offense - Disapproval
Second offense - Irritated disapproval, with muttered objurgation
Third offense - Excommunication

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Updated 2011-09-08