H&R M65/165 Leatherneck

I seem to get a lot of requests for exploded views and disassembly info for the .22 RF H&R LeatherneckM65/165..  For some reason it seems to be very hard to find.  However, I was lucky, and now have the data in hand.

If you have been looking for this information without success,  you can send me stamped and self addressed  #10 (business letter size) envelope, and $2 to cover copying costs I will be glad to send you the information.  Please note on your order "H&R Leatherneck info."

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Some Background

The Harrington & Richardson Model 65 Military Autoloading Rifle, also called "The General" and later "The Leatherneck," caliber .22 Long Rifle, were fitted with a 10 round detachable box magazine, 23" heavy barrel, and weighed about 9 lbs.  Some were fitted with a Redfield No. 70 rear peep sight and blade front sight with protective ears. Its plain, pistolgrip stock was made to the same dimensions as the Ml Garand since it was originally conceived as trainer for this arm.  H&R produced it from 1944 to 1946. It was issued as a training rifle by the U.S. Marine Corps. Those actually used by the Marine Corps. would have "U.S. PROPERTY" markings.

Most parts for the Model 150/151 rifles will work on the 65/165 rifles.  Gunparts Corp  lists parts for the 65/165/150/151 rifles.

Gunparts Corp.
226 Williams Lane, W. Hurley, NY 12491
Orders: (845) 679-2417
Customer Service: (845) 679-4867

It also appears that Triple K makes magazines that fit.  Their SKU is 943M


There is also some good Reising information covering both the SMG and the .22s at


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