Things I’d Like To See (Or See Them Make)

This is a random list of items I'd like to see.  They'd make life nicer.

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You can take a paint sample into a paint store and they all have a neat optical device that will match your paint sample.  How about a portable device that could be loaned out so you could easily match the paint on your walls, etc.  If such a device exists I've never been able to find one.

Ovens with a "warm" setting of about 85 degrees so you could use the oven to allow yeast breads to rise at a uniform temperature.  And while they're at it, how about a temperature indicator so you could tell how close you were to the correct temperature as the oven heats up.  Useful for planning cooking times.

Power adapters for the various red dot sights that would allow you to power a sight with standard AA batteries instead of the often hard to find 123, CR20xx, 1/3N, and the like.  It would consist of a (2-cell) AA battery (or a C or D sized) holder with an appropriate battery compartment cap that would replace the normal battery and cap  and run the sight from the AA batteries.  I saw this once online but can't find it any more.

Plastic bottles for firearms lubricants the diameter of a "123" size battery so that a supply of lube could be kept in a "123" size storage compartment.  Would have to be 16.5 mm (max) in diameter and about 40 mm in length. There seem to be plenty of 17 mm diameter bottles (too large) and 14.5 mm bottles (a little too small) but nothing the right size.

Quality alarm clock with the following features

Small,  inexpensive, thermostatically controlled inline hot water heater that would give you instant hot water and then turn off as the hot water in the pipes reached the faucet.  Similar to the hot water taps available to make coffee but running at a lower temperature with an automatic heater shut off when hot water gets to its intake.  This would eliminate having to run a faucet "at the other end of the house" for a couple of minutes just to get hot water.

Desktop PCs sold with just a clean, bare-bones up-to-date OEM OS and no unwanted junk. Base PC should include a 2.5+ GHz multi-core processor, dvd/cd burner/reader, multiple flash card reader, ability to handle at least 2 SATA hard drives in addition to 2 SATA DVD/CD,  fast graphics, 10/100/1000/wireless/4G networking, a minimum of 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 (4 rear, 4 front panel) and 6 - 8 GB of RAM, in a compact, space saving case, with serious and quiet cooling fans.  Interfaces (graphics card, network, sound, etc) should be on cards or snap out modules on the board so if something fries the whole board doesn't become useless.

A similar idea for laptops.  In my mind a laptop isn't a portable desktop so how about something truly portable.  The "netbooks" are close but lacking in some features.  How about a rugged, 10-12" high def screen, about a 2.5+ GHz multi-core processor and 4 - 6 GB of memory,.  A real operating system (not a crippled stripped "starter" one), 250-500 GB high speed (7200 rpm) SATA hard disk (or an SSD one), included internal or external CD/DVD drive, 2 USB 3.0/2.0, SD card reader (internal or external), Blue Tooth, 100/1000/wireless network and WiFi/4G, and headphone/external speaker only sound.  Add in 5-10 hour battery life, in a rugged light weight package.  It can be done

... and the operating system.  How about a rugged, stream-lined, tightly coded OS that does the following.  Each program goes completely into its own directory--no files elsewhere; and all program generated data goes into one general directory in folders for easy data backup purposes; Clear, concise GUI interface with program types initially grouped by functionality and the ability to turn off all repetitive warnings and pop-ups. Also, a simple "switch" to disable "admin only" functions for people who know what they are doing.  No automatic updates released until fully tested.  (No. Macs do not make the cut!)

Simple, reliable, PC backup software.  How about some reliable software that will back up your entire PC and the operating system onto any drive equal to or larger than the original and that will give a guaranteed 100% working restore on any drive the same size or larger as the original.  Most of the current crop of software doesn't and usually requires various incantations and spells to work properly.  If you are using SATA drives there is a device that will let you duplicate a drive but you have to remove it from the PC.

Quality cell phone without all the crazy features and app advertisements.  I don't need a "smart phone," just give me GREAT range, sensitivity, voice quality, and ruggedness, along with an address book, text messaging, and an appointment calendar and alarm.  A 2 - 6 MP  camera would be acceptable but not necessary as it's nice to have an emergency camera.

Cell phone base receiver for the home that actually works  that would allow you to answer cell phone calls on your normal wired house phones.  A handy thing for those who have dumped their land line.  There are apparently a few devices like this but reports of their reliability and quality are not inspiring.

Speaker phones with echo suppression so you don’t sound like you’re in a barrel.

Garage doors with a fold down/drop down bottom section with a screen so you could lower the door to get shaded ventilation and still keep critters out.

Automobile engines designed so you can easily get to and remove/replace the oil filter and other frequent maintenance stuff.

Automotive air conditioning units with an easy way to flush out the drip pan to avoid the musty odor they frequently get.

Very low rpm setting for ceiling fans that would just barely move the air (and be absolutely quiet).  Ditto for a standard floor or desk fan.

A telephone with a call blocking feature that would send out the “non-working line” 3-tone code when listed numbers called rather than just a busy signal.  This would help get your number off of auto dialer lists as it would be reported as a non-working number to their computers.

Factory automobile windshield top tinting that would cover the area around the mirror and extend past the visors to prevent the "sunlight laser effect" when low angle sunlight gets around the edges of the visors.

High beam dashboard indicators and other dashboard indicators that could be dimmed along with the rest of the instrument cluster so you are not blinded with a bright blue or other color light when using high beams or cruise control at night.  Why this isn't done on all cars baffles me.

Multiple head chronographs.  A quality chronograph with 2 sets of sky screens that would allow simultaneous "muzzle" and down range velocities that would work at up to 600 yards or more.  Preferably wireless. 

Or in lieu of the above, how about a Doppler radar chronograph that will give continuous readings, in the increment of your choice out to 600 to 1000 yards (or more) that doesn't cost mega-bucks and will work with .224 bullets.  Interfaced to software on a laptop this would allow you to accurately calculate your own BCs and drag models.  The currently marketed Lab Radar™ has functionality and measuring range limitations due to idiotic FCC power regulations.

An improved  true WYSIWYG web authoring application similar to MS's old Front Page that would be easy and intuitive to use and that generated tight HTML code rather than pages of bloated code, and that would allow easy image handling and table creation/updating within the program.

An additional size flat rate Priority Mail package between the size of the "small"  and "medium"  boxes.

I'd like to see the following ammunition offered.

.22 Hornet (or even better a K-Hornet) Rimless.  All the fun of the Hornet in a rimless case for better feeding in bolt action rifles. Of course the .221 Rem Fireball can  do this job nicely too and has a .223 case diameter, but hey, everyone's introducing new cartridges.  Maybe a slightly shorter cased Fireball in keeping with all the rage about "super short" cartridges.  With a 45 gr bullet the Hornet gets you about 2600 fs, the "K" Hornet gives you about 2900 fs,  and the .221 gets you 3300.  The .22 TCM might be interesting in a compact little rifle too.  The 5.7 FN does not qualify here.

.25 Rimfire 60 gr  loaded to .22WRM pressures this would be a nice alternative to the .17 RF rounds for those who prefer heavy bullets.

How about a 6 mm based on the .221 Fireball case.

6.8 mm SPC +P.  Well not really a +P but loaded to the original GI spec of 115 gr at 2700+ f/s from a 16" barrel for use in GI, SPC II+, and DMR type  chambers.  Hornady, are you listening? Of course there is the 6.8 x 47 but that doesn't fit the 5.56 AR platform.

30 carbine 95 - 100 gr JHP.  With a properly constructed and shaped 95 - 100 gr bonded core JHP bullet at 2200 f/s this (along with the 110 gr JHP WW, Speer, and Corbon DPX  loads) would make nifty small game, home defense, and police carbine rounds for the handy ubiquitous M1 carbine.  Hornady's new (2/13) Critical Defense .30 carbine loading is a great start

.30-06 250 gr. - For where deep penetration is desired

.401 WSL +P.  A modern high pressure version of the old .401 Winchester Self Loading cartridge.  The original round was a little weak for its size (200gr @ 2100 and a 250 gr @ 1870) running at around 35K CUP.  Loaded to a realistic modern pressure level of say 45-50 K psi some interesting performance (a 200 gr @ 2500+ or a 250 gr @ 2200) could be achieved in a compact rifle.  Maybe just a rimless version of the .460 S&W cartridge instead.

.41 Special Police 180-200 gr JHP.  A similar round to the .41 Mag police round but with a shorter case of .38 SPL length, for use only in a non-magnum capable service revolvers.  A compact 5-shot would be nifty to in either .41 Police or 10 mm ACP (with moon clips).

.45 Auto Rim 200-230 gr JHP +P.  The power of the .45 Colt in a more compact package

10 mm ACP Magnum (a.k.a.10 x 32 mm) loads.  This is a longer cased 10 mm ACP round (like the Winchester .45 and 9 mm Magnum rounds) for use in semi-auto carbines. A 180 gr @ 1800+ (Hornady Flex tip???) from an 16" - 18" bbl carbine would be nifty.  While it has been produced, in very limited quantities, some good marketing would help.

Inexpensive, reduced loading, rifle cartridges.  Not just lower velocity but  with either light weight jacketed or lead bullets at velocities of about 1150 f/s for use as quiet plinking or training rounds.  Similar in concept to the old military "guard" or "gallery" loadings.

I'd like to see the following firearms related stuff offered.

CB Cap chambered .22 rifle.  A small rifle specifically chambered for the tiny CB Cap .22RF (or even the longer cased CBs) with an appropriate twist barrel.  Fun and almost no noise.

Sub-caliber chamber inserts that would hold the internal cartridge in place so you could feed them through your magazine.

Improved J-Frame S&W fixed sight revolvers.  Make a slight raised "hump for the rear sight so the notch could be a bit deeper for a better sight picture.  How about a blackened face on the rear sight on stainless steel pistols while we are at it.

Pocket pistols with useable sights.

10 mm Mag (or even a 9 mm Mag) M1 Carbine.  Just plain nifty in 10 mm Mag

Savage, Remington, Ruger and Winchester detachable mag rifles.  How about affordable real 5 and 10 rd box mags.  

Savage, Remington, Ruger, and Winchester actions.  How about a true "tiny" actions scaled to .5.56 NATO/7.62 x 39 sized, or smaller ammunition

1:10 or 1:11 twist .308 Win barrels as standard.  The standard .308 Win twist is 1:12 and is based on the GI spec for 150 gr bullets.  It is barely adequate for bullets over 168 gr.Some manufacturers have done this.

Savage 110s offered with two barrels and detachable, double column box magazine.  The Savage system lends itself to easy barrel swapping.  Could even supply two bolts and a magazine box to take standard and mag cased ammo.  How about a Savage scout with .308 and .358 barrels or even a .350 Rem Mag barrel and bolt?

A reproduction Krag rifle & carbine made with modern metallurgy and maybe even a second bolt lug.  These rifles are just plain neat and very smooth, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with the .30-40 cartridge.

All autopistols.  How about including 3 spare magazines (1 for in the gun and 2 spare) in the box.  For that matter, how about including  spare magazine for detachable magazine fed rifles.

.22 RF rifles.  How about decent looking stocks on inexpensive .22 RF rifles.  Doesn't have to be fancy wood, just something that looks like a stock on a center fire rifle instead of an afterthought chewed out by angry, drunk termites on drugs.

Shotguns.  How about offering 24" ribbed barrels for field work with either an adjustable choke or choke tubes.  You lose very little in ballistics and have a very fast swinging shotgun.  While they are at it, include an adapter to reliably feed the varios "mini shells."

.308 Enfield conversion kits. The .303 British Enfield rifles are rugged and reliable but hampered by ammo availability.  Conversion kits to .308 Win (barrel, magazine, ejector, and bolt head) were common in the UK but seldom seen here.  There are lots of No. 4 and No. 5 rifles in circulation that could use these kits.  Currently only the older Mk 1s seem to be available in .308.

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