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(As of 2017-07-16

Perhaps you can be of help to me.  I'm looking for the following items for purchase or trade.  If you can help click here and email with your terms.

US Military M16 Magazine specifications drawing #8448674, or a copy of the Technical Data Package.
This drawing has the spec dimensions for the M16 magazines and the TDP has the specs and test requirements.  PDF copies would be fine

Spamô Can Lids
The cans that Spamô comes in make wonderful small parts storage container, with one problem.  No lids.  Looking for Spamô can sized snap-on plastic lids.  Apparently they are used on European SpamTM cans but are unknown in the US.  Would like 12 - 18 of them. [Update: I have been informed by the "SPAM Museum" (yes there is a "Spam" museum) that they are not allowed to use lids in the US because the FDA does not want people to be able to store the meat in the can, once it is open.  I feel so safe knowing the gubermint is protecting me.]

AA battery external power module for red dot sights that use internal CR20xx Batteries
I saw this on a website but neglected to bookmark it.  It allows you to externally power a red dot sight that normally uses one of the CR20xx series coin batteries.  It consisted of a battery case that held 2 AA batteries, a cable attached to a screw-in battery compartment cover that made proper contact inside the battery compartment when installed.  It was available with different screw-in covers to fit a variety of different red dot sights, and if I remember correctly cost about $15.

Special Size Plastic Squeeze Bottles
Plastic "eye drop" type squeeze bottles with dispensing tip that are a MAXIMUM outside diameter of 16.5 mm and a MINIMUM outside diameter of  16 mm (the specified diameter of a 123" battery.  In practice the batteries measure 16.5 mm).  Length and capacity aren't  important although an overall  length of  between 1.5" and 2" (38 to 50 mm) and a capacity of between 3 ml and 10 ml would be perfect.  Interested in 100 or more for a good price, and possibly a large quantity for a client.

A full or partial box(es), of the following ammo.

Winchester Super-X Hi-Velocity (sometimes listed as "metal penetrating")  230 gr pointed FMJ .45 ACP ammunition 
(spec'd at 945  f/s).   This was discontinued some time in the 60s I believe.

Single round samples of the following ammo (Headstamp not important)

.50 BMG  - M903 SLAP,  M962 SLAP-T, Mk 211 Mod 0 HEIAP (RUFOS)

7.62 NATO - M973 SRTA, M974 SRTA-T, M959 SLAP-T, M993 AP, M64 Grenade Launcher, M172 Dummy (black), M192 Blank (short neck), MK 316 Mod 0 175 gr Special OTM Ball, M62 AP

5.56 NATO - M996 Dim Tracer (Violet tip), M200A1 Blank (extended neck), M993 AP (black tip)

40 MM - 40 x 53 mm (MK 19)  M385/M918 Training Practice or M922/M922A1 Dummy 

Single rounds (or unprimed case) of -  9 mm Win Mag and 10 mm ACP Magnum (or will take unprimed cases)

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