Firearms Research and Information Services

I offer seven services to to authors, historians, researchers, and firearms enthusiasts.

If you email me concerning any of these services please include your telephone number.  
Lately, several email providers, mainly Earthlink,  have been blocking my return messages
and I thus have no way to reply to you unless you use another email address.

American Rifleman Article Copies
I have a 75+ year collection of The American Rifleman going back to the mid 30s and will attempt to provide copies of the articles you are looking for.  It helps if you can supply the article title and approximate date.  I also offer a CD containing the Rifleman indexes from 1940 through 2017 (See above).  Click here to contact me.

Black & white article photocopies are US$1 per page plus a stamped self-addressed envelope (2 stamps if page count is  5 - 7 pages) or add $1.25 to the page cost if I supply the envelope and stamps.  If the total page count is over 7 or if you want the articles shipped flat, omit the SASE envelope and just add US$1.50 for postage.  I can also supply color (if applicable) pdf (Adobe Acrobat) page image scan files at US$1.25 per page, plus $2 for the CD and postage.  For international orders please add U$3.00 for postage for paper copies and US$4.00 for an articles on CD.

If you are not sure of the page count I'll let you know when I locate the article.  Please be sure to put your actual E-Mail address in the BODY of your E-Mail and in all written correspondence. 

Topical Article Collections on CD  
I offer topical American Rifleman article collections on CD
on the M1 Garand, M14/M1A, M16/AR-15, M1911, M1903 Springfield,  M1 Carbine, and Ballistics/Forensic. These CDs contain all the articles on the subject published from 1940 through 2002.   

Also available is a complete year end index of Rifleman issues from 1940 through 2017.  Click here for further information on these CDs.    

Author Assistance
If you are an author and are looking for technical assistance and proofing for firearms related material in your work, click here to contact me.  I do not charge for this service unless it involves a lot of esoteric research.  I do ask that if your work is published that I receive a copy of your book or manuscript, and would be grateful if you gave me credit for my assistance in your work.  Cameo appearances in your story are also accepted.

M16 Manuals

This CD contains the following information.  It can not be shipped to overseas addresses.

US Military Small Arms Technical Manuals CD

This CD includes 55 Technical Manuals covering:

Click here for ordering information.

Individual Assistance
If you have a firearms related question I'll be glad to help.  First check this site, especially the "Misc. Q&A" pages.  If you don't find what you need feel free to contact me by clicking here and I will do my best to help you.

Trajectory Computations
I frequently get requests for a ballistics runs for a particular load.   I will be glad to do a single run for you but please note that you must supply the following data.  G1 BCs will, in most cases, be converted to the G7 drag model to more accurately portray actual trajectories.

If you want additional or multiple runs runs there will be a fee of US$3.00 each, for such work.



Thanks so far to Steve Cooper, Mark Dillenger, Ed Hill, Earl North, and Matt Simons for their generous contributions to the archive.

Click here to email me for further information on any of the above.  You can send orders to

John Schaefer
1365 S. Saddleback Drive
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

I will no longer do overseas orders unless they are paid in US dollars in cash or via Western Union.  In the past year I have been ripped off by two overseas orders that paid by bogus check or who cancelled a PayPal payment.  US orders payable by cash, check, or money order in US dollars.

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