Theodore Roosevelt and the NRA

President Theodore Roosevelt, a great outdoorsman and pioneer conservationist, sent his personal check in payment of NRA Life Membership dues, then $25, while in the White House.  TR valued above all the work done by the NRA in cooperation with the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice to see that America's sons, going into war, knew as much as possible about marksmanship.

Below is a copy of his letter.

TR's letter to NRA (66k jpg)

On December 31, 1908, when William Howard Taft (also an NRA life Member) was preparing to succeed Theodore Roosevelt as President, TR reportedly wrote Taft a letter in which he said, "Ha! Ha!  You are making up your cabinet.  I in a light hearted way have spent the morning testing rifles for my African trip.  Life has compensations!"

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