Fr. Frog's Web Design Philosophy

I've been asked by numerous people why I don't have a flashy site with all the cool whistles, bells, and roll-over graphics and FlashTM movies.  Well the answer is simple.  Those things don't do anything to get information across to the reader and I feel there are more important things than looking cool.  Plus, I simply don't have the time to be fancy, for fancy's sake.

My web philosophy is as follows.

Site design


Contacts & E-Mail


If you want to include information from another web site on your site, either copied or as a link, you should get permission from the author.  If you use the actual text on your site, include a cite to the author and the source.  While it is not really necessary to use a "formal" cite format they do look more professional.

If using an excerpt or complete text from a website, the formal cite format  is

author's name, "name of page," name of website, date of page, url of site and page, date page accessed by you

You should also include "Used with permission of the author"

If using an excerpt or complete text from E-mail, the formal format for a cite is

author's name, author's email address, "subject line," date of email, type of email*, date of access by you

.* type = personal email, office communication, forum posting, etc.

For further information on using cites and references consult the Greg Reference Manual, by William A. Sabin - 9th Edition, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Westerville, OH, 2001, ISBN 0028040465

What is with so many commercial web sites.  They are poorly organized,  hard to navigate, and full of dead links, but they are loaded with glitzy graphics and pictures.  They constantly are changing the layouts to look more "kool" yet the site is for all intents and purposes non-functional.  Doesn't anyone check their site using an outside computer?  One company's site never worked except for the home page.  All the other pages were on the developers PC and never uploaded to the hosting server. In spite  of numerous complaints it took almost 2 years before they corrected the problem.

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Updated 2016-06-23