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American Handgunner & American Handgunner Annual (22)

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American Handgunner
Firearms Marketing Group (Publisher's Development Corp.)
591 Camino del Reina STE 200
San Diego, CA 92108

(These are believed to be the complete listing for this publication)

November/December, Cooper's Column- Blowing up on Two Point Seven, p. 5 (The first Cooper's Column)

January/February, Cooper's Column-The Power Meter-Breakthrough In Practical Pistol Competition, p.12
March/April, Cooper's Column-The management of the Double Action Auto, p. 9
March/April, The World Practical Pistol Championships, p. 36
March/April, Jeff Cooper: An Overview of The Matches, p. 39
July/August, Cooper's Column-The Comstock Count, p. 10
September/October, Cooper's Column-Practical Shooting, p. 12
November/December, Cooper's Column-The Latest On What IPSC Is Up To, p. 14

January/February, "El Presidente," p. 22
March/April, Cooper's Column-All About The S&W Stainless Steel Kit Gun And IPSC Update, p. 16
May/June, Cooper's Column-The ultimate Iron Pistol The fabulous Peabody Spoonbill, p. 13
September/October, Cooper Debunks Those .45 Myths, p. 26

January/February, Cooper's Column-The Ultimate Auto-Pistol, p. 22
March/April, Cooper's Column-The World Practical Championships in South Africa 1979, p. 10
May/June, Cooper's Column-The Big Question...Should NRA and IPSC Get Together, p. 8
July/August, Cooper's Column-The Single Action Auto Devotee Reviews The "Fast Action" FN/Browning, p. 14

July/August, The Combat Mind-Set, p. 27
November/December, Reflections on the New Order-The Beretta 92F, p. 6

July/August, Smith & Wesson's 645, p. 26

March/April, Conversation with a Champion, Interview by Jon Winokur

September/October, Cooper's Column: Jeff Cooper on 20 years of IPSC, p. 92

March/April, Steel Weapons: Jeff Cooper on Knives, Interview by Steve Tarina, pg 96

American Handgunner Annual
Firearms Marketing Group (Publisher's Development Corp.)
591 Camino del Reina STE 200
San Diego, CA 92108

The Combat Mind-Set, p. 88

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