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Combat Handguns (10)

= Copy in archive

Combat Handguns
Harris Publications, Inc.
1115 Broadway, 8th Flr
New York, NY 10010

Jeff apparently did not write many articles for this publication and this list is complete.

April, The Thoughts of Chairman Jeff, (Part I), p. 8 [The first issue of Combat handguns]*
April, The 1979 World practical Pistol Championships, p. 12
June, The Thoughts of Chairman Jeff, (Part II), p. 8
June, The Root of Evil, p. 18
August, The Thoughts of Chairman Jeff, (PartIII), p. 8

February, The Bren 10, p. 8
December, Attention from the Left, p. 38

June, Guest Editorial - Problem Two, p. 6*

February, Jeff Cooper Makes Straight Talk on Practical Shooting, p. 16*
Unk, Streets of Fear, p. unk

February, The Practical Long-Gun - An interview with Jeff Cooper, by Barrettt Tillman, p. 10
Listed on the cover as: Fire Superiority: Rifle vs. Shotgun? - An interview with Jeff Cooper)


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