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Jeff has also been involved in the production of numerous instructional videos.

Handgun Safety-A Basic Guide, Published by Moraga Press,1986, ISBN 6300201235 (Also listed under Morgan Press/Morris Video, ISBN 1-55746-106-6)
Basic Guide to Handguns, Morris Video, ISBN 1-55515-065-9
Defensive Pistol Handling, Ryan Productions, Inc, 1987
Pistol Readiness and Marksmanship, Ryan Productions, Inc, 1987
Mindset, Ryan Productions, Inc, 1987
Ammo: The Power of the Pistol, Ryan Productions, Inc, 1987
Mental Conditioning For Combat, American Pistol Institute, Paulden, AZ 1989
Tactical Handgun Techniques, PEM Associates, 1990
Tactical Shotgun Techniques, PEM Associates, 1990
Armed Defense, Four tape set, Quad Productions, Reno, NV, 1995 (Donated by

I: History of Firearms
II: Safety and Choice of Weapons
III: Pistol Techniques
IV: Mental Conditioning

Liberty's Teeth, Quad Productions, Reno, NV, 1995

Update 2008-09-30. Paladin is republishing the Defensive Pistolcraft series on DVD which includes: Volume 1: Defensive Pistol Handling,  Volume 2: Pistol Readiness and Marksmanship, Volume 3: Mindset, and Volume 4: Ammo: Power of the Pistol.  See

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