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Guns Magazine (26)

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GUNS Magazine
Firearms Marketing Group (Publisher's Development Corp.)
591 Camino del Reina STE 200
San Diego, CA 92108


(These are believed to be the complete listing for this publication)

December, Cooper's Corner- Jeff Looks Over Heckler & Koch's PSP Auto, p. 10 (The first Cooper's Corner)

January, Cooper on Basic Rifle Positions, p. 44
February, Cooper's Corner: The Gunsite Rifle Course, p. 60
March, Cooper Reports: IPSC World Combat Pistol Championships, p. 23
April, Cooper's Corner: The Browning BDA, p. 16
May, Cooper's Corner: Cooper Talks back!, p. 18
July, Cooper's Corner: Are You presumptuous Or Being Paid By Colt?, p. 16
July, A Heavy Rifle Called Baby, Part I, p. 30
August, A Heavy Rifle Called Baby, Part II, p. 24
September, A Heavy Rifle Called Baby, Conclusion, p. 28
October, Cooper's Corner- Some Notes On Practical Pistol Shooting, p. 6
November, "Get the F Out", p. 8
December, Two More .45 Autos, p. 6
December, SKB's XL-100: For Hunters or Police, This Slugster Measures Up, p. 25

February, Cooper's Corner: "What is Accuracy", p. 6 (Also published in Personal Survival Letter in 1978)
March, Cooper's Corner: "Crisp Is What You Want", p. 6
April, Rhineland Rehbock-Germay's Answer to the White-tail, p. 32
May, Cooper's Corner: Thumpers, p. 8
June, Cooper's Corner: Shooting's Latest Fad, p. 6
June, AUG: An exclusive look at Steyr's Army Universal Gun system, p. 34
July, The Caliber Game, p. 24
August, Cooper's Corner: Autopistol Readiness, p. 6
September, Cooper's Corner: The Ultimate Auto-Pistol, p. 6

June, Why Not Practical Rifle Shooting?, p. 32

March, Why Not Practical Rifle Shooting?, p. 28

Guns Magazine Annual, Twenty Years-A History of IPSC (possibly published under a different title, and possibly in 1997)

Guns Combat 2005 Annual, 
Return of the Scout, by Jerry Catania, Publisher- Thomas von Rosen, Editor Jeff John, P. 61

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