Fr. Frog Recommends - Part II
This page is a continuation of my "recommended companies" page but it deals with non-firearms related
firms that I have received excellent service from before, during, and after a sale.

I have personally used (a) product(s) or service(s) from these sources and have been please with not only the product or service but also with the company.  I feel confident enough in them to recommend them to you. Your mileage may vary and I make no warranty that all products or services from these sources will meet your approval. However, I am very sure that you will be just as pleased with them as I have been. If you do have a problem, please deal directly with the company for resolution as I do not represent any of these firms. I would, however, like to know if you have any problems, or are dissatisfied in any way.  All these folks get get my vote for their products or services and the really exceptional ones who have consistently given exceptional service over time get "5 Flippers."

If you contact any one, please mention this site to them.

If you find a link that no longer works please email me by clicking here and let me know.

A1 Sewing Machine Specialists ( - This company is a gold mine of parts for sewing machines of all brands.  Their customer service is first class (they even answer emails promptly!).  Their prices are very reasonable and their shipping is very fast and the shipping costs realistic. If you need a part for a sewing maching this is the place.  You can reach Ron Anderson via email at ron (at) a1sewingmachine (dot) com, via their web site, or by phone at 518.469.5133.

AccessoryGeeks ( ) - These folks carry a wide variety of cell phone accessories such as cables, batteries, carriers, replacement antennas, boosters, address book software, and the like--even for older or discontinued models. Very good prices, fast response,  and free 1st Class mail shipment on most orders and realistic shipping costs on other shipment methods.

Amazon.Com ( - The seller of everything.  I have heard some people complain about Amazon, but in 13 years of buying from them (LOTS of buying) I have never had a problem with ordering, products, or shipping.  In fact, when I ordered a camera from them at a good price but a day I later saw they had it listed for about $20 less, an email to them got a speedy reply, an immediate adjustment to the price, and a credit to my credit card.  The Amazon third party vendors have all been speedy and reliable too.  My biggest complaint is that trying to contact Amazon requires some navigation of their website.

Arch Memory ( - I've used this Missouri based company for PC memory upgrades and they not only have excellent prices but fast service.  They'll ship free via USPS (no tracking) or by UPS for $6 (with tracking).  The last order I placed (on a Friday at 10 p.m. arrived at my door on the following Monday afternoon

LD Products ( or - This company carries new and remanufactured laser toner and inkjet cartridges, at excellent prices.  Their quality is first rate with free and fast  shipping (over $50).  I get my Laserjet 4, Laserjet 2015, HP Iinkjet, and Canon Copier cartridges from them.

B&H Photo ( - One of the large NY based photography stores, they offer a tremendous equipment selection, excellent prices, and very fast order processing and shipping (frequently free).  Everything I have ordered from them has arrived in exceptional time.  They can be reached through their website or by phone at 800.606.6969.

Bush Furniture ( - These folks make computer, office, and entertainment center furniture that you assemble after purchase.  Their furniture, especially the "office grade" stuff is well made and their service and support is absolutely outstanding even 6 years after the sale.  I had a side panel that had been badly scratch during a move and called to purchase a replacement.  I was told there was no charge because they stand behind their products.  I use their "Series A" (formerly "Cubix" line) office/computer furniture in my office and it is solid, sturdy and good looking (and the panels are 1" thick!).

Cable Wholesale ( - This company provides cables, connectors, and similar products for TV / home entertainment / computers.  Their customer service is terrific and they actually respond to correspondence, their products are first rate, prices are excellent, and delivery is very fast.  My orders are usually shipped the day I order them or at the latest, the very next day.  I use their "premium" audio/video cables exclusively.  I had a friend check some of their cables for matching and quality and he found them the be the equal of some of the "monstrously" expensive name brands.

Cutlery and More ( - This firm sells cutlery, cookware, bakeware, and chefs tools at very good prices and with really fast delivery with reasonable shipping rate.  Orders over $59 get free shipping.  An order I placed online in the evening arrived at my door the morning of the third day.

Cyberguys ( - Cyberguys sells computer parts,  accessories, and supplies.  I get most of my CD mailers and envelopes from them at prices that run close to 60 percent lower than local sources (including shipping).  Great service and fast shipping. 

Cyberscale.Net ( - These folks sell all kinds of scales for general use.  When my 8-year-old package scale died I ordered a new digital package scale from them.  Good prices, reasonable shipping, and fast service.  I online ordered about 10 am , had a confirmation by 12 noon and it shipped priority mail the same day and arrived the following day.

Dremel ( - The maker of the ubiquitous "Dremel tool" rotary grinder.  Their customer service is superb, and they even did a warranty repair on a tool a couple of years old that I couldn't find the receipt for.

Jo Mar Laboratories ( - Jo Mar bills themselves as "the Amino Acid Source."  They sell a variety of supplements like Glucosamin Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, and various other amino acids. Their prices are excellent, shipping is very reasonable, and they are fast.

Kingston Memory ( - Kingston is a well know manufacturer and seller of computer and printer memory.  They have excellent prices and very fast free shipping.  I placed an online order on Monday afternoon and received it Wednesday afternoon.

LaptopSaver ( - This company supplies power adaptors and batteries for laptop computers at excellent prices and with reasonable and fast shipping.  An auto adapter I ordered was delivered in 3 business days and worked perfectly.  

Medic Batteries ( - Medic batteries supplies a wide variety of specialty batteries at excellent prices, many with free shipping. If you are looking for Lithium AA, 123, 1/3N, or the various CR20xx batteries for your red dot sights, this is the place

New Balance ( - New Balance is well known for their line of excellent  sneaker / running / walking shoes, etc. and they make them here in the USA with US labor.  I've been wearing them for years.  I recently noticed a small problem with the sneakers I'd bought. The vinyl(?) material over the toe area started to develop little bubbles or blisters after about 3 - 6 months of wear. I rotated the pairs every day but that had no effect. Not a big deal as they are not dress shoes.   On a lark, I thought I'd email them about the blistering problem to see what I was doing wrong and find out about proper care for them.  To my astonishment, they offered to replace them free of charge, even though both pairs were a little over a year old and I neither asked for nor expected such a thing.  Some companies understand customer service. 

NewEgg.Com ( - This company deals in computer parts and equipment and has very good prices, very reasonable shipping costs, and fast service--every time I have ordered something it has shipped via "2nd Day delivery" within 24 hours of my placing the order. I've used them for several years and have always been amazed at their inventory and customer service.

OnlineLabels.Com ( - This company is a supplier of labels for shipping, CDs, etc. and has a wide variety of labels that match the layout of Avery and other expensive label company's products.  I buy all my CD and shipping labels from them and their prices cannot be beat.  For what the office supply stores charge for a small pack of 40 sheets of labels you can buy 250 sheets.  Their shipping prices are very fair and fast (3-5 days) from the date of your order to your door and they have frequently sent additional samples or discount codes. 

Orison Marketing ( - This company sell various extremely effective industrial level cleaners, sanitizers, and the like in reasonable quantities with free shipping.  I use their "Piston Clean" carbon remover for both gunsmithing and small engine cleaning, their Expel odor eliminator for removing kitty odors (works better than anything else I have used), and their EvapoRust rust remover that is simply amazing.  They are a great company to deal with and if you ask nicely they'll probably package quantities small than a gallon for you to try (but the gallon prices are very reasonable).  You can order from their web site, or contact Sandra in customer service by phone (800.460.2403) or by email at  info (at) orisonllc (dot) com 

Panasonic ( - My experience with their customer support has been outstanding.  A call to them regarding what I thought was a missing part with a cordless phone set (it wasn't missing, just not supplied with that model) was handled professionally and in English by their rep.  He told me that the part was only about $1 but that the shipping and handling fee would probably be $6 or $7.  Then he said that if I would fax him my sales receipt that he would send the part out for free as a "warranty replacement."  He then asked if everything else was OK with the phone system and even gave me a few tips on operation.  By the way the quality of the cordless phone set in both construction and sound was excellent. 

Printer Works ( - This company carries maintenance and repair parts for  HP LaserJet printers and select HP DeskJet inkjet printers.  They have excellent prices and fast service.  I placed an order at 10 a.m. and it shipped the same day.  They can be reached at 800.832.1400.

Really Good Stuff ( - If you are a teacher this company supplies fun and creative tools for classrooms and my wife has used them for years.  She recently received a letter from them about a product (a desktop stick-on student "helper") that she uses.  They discovered that a defective adhesive was used in some batches.  They indicated that since they couldn't tell which of these strips in their inventory had the bad adhesive that they were sending every customer who had ordered this product a free set of these "helpers.   That's customer care!  The can be reached by phone at 877.867.1920 or by email at writeus (at) reallygoodstuff (dot) com.

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware ( - If you are into woodworking this is your place!  They have a wide variety of unusual parts, hinges, fasteners, and tools for the woodworker. including products for glass doors. Great people to deal with and very quick shipping.

Samsung Electronics ( - Not only are their TVs and DVD players excellent, but their service seems to be top notch.  When a lamp in my DLP TV started acting strange, a call to their service department was not only courteously and expertly responded to (in English!) but their tech called me promptly, resolved the problem and sent a replacement out next day delivery.  And, a couple of days later called back to insure that everything was working OK.

Vacparts Warehouse ( - This company supplies parts for various vacuums, carpet cleaners, and small appliances.  When our Bissell carpet cleaner stopped working no one locally would fix it for under $100 plus part with no guarantees.  I contacted Vacpart and they pointed me to the needed part and another part that frequently dies at the same time and  I was able to get the needed parts from them quickly and at reasonable prices.  When I lost the diagram I made of what hose went where they sent me a copy of the service manual in PDF format for free. They can be reached at 866.243.2721.

VetRX Direct ( - This company is a veterinarian "drugstore" that sells to customer direct with a prescription (when neded).  There prices are hard to beat and their service is fast and friendly, and they work with their customers.  They will fax your vet to obtain prescriptions.  When my vet's FAX machine went down and I was running short of a prescription medication for one of our furpersons they called my vet to verify the Rx and then sent the medicine out via priority mail at no extra cost to me to ensure that I'd get it quickly.  They always include a pet treat and a "thank you for your business card" in the box.  They can be reached through their web site, or at 866.761.6578 .

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